Good Book, Complex Main Characters

The Witch of Napoli
by Michael Schmicker
Edition: Paperback
Price: $11.21

This review is from: The Witch of Napoli (Paperback)

Thirty years ago, in connection with a book I was writing but didn’t, I did a lot of research on mediums. Of course Eusapia Palladino’s name came up frequently. But when I was reading this book, it never crossed my mind that this was a highl fictionalized story of her life.

I found THE WITCH OF NAPOLI impossible to put down. I read it in less than one day. Have you ever eaten chili beans microwaved with shredded cheese, followed by orange sherbet, without putting your book down? That is the kind of book this is. Its fictional narrrator is now grown up and has become the editor of major newspaper, after starting out at sixteen as a photographer. He writes as if he were speaking to you and you alone, telling you why he personally buried Alessandra without a funeral mass, without even a prayer. Then he returns to his study, taking you along. Apparently he gives you some vintage port, and then he begins to tell the tale, reminding us just often enough that he is speaking to you and you only, knowing that you will keep the secret.

Need I say that I loved this book? I recommend it for anyone who believes in, or is interested in, survival after death and all forms of psi powe


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