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I’m an Amazon Top Reviewer!

Yep, I have finally made it into that coveted group that I have been working toward for so long. But I want you to know that because of Amazon’s rules, there are some things I am not allowed to post there, such as reviews over 500 words. So I hope you’ll continue to follow me here, or if you haven’t been, begin to. I’ll be posting mainly reviews of both books and items, as I won’t have enough time to do anything else. For starters, back up and read my review of SocialCide. It’s well worth reading for the protection of your home, family, and country–as my husband said yesterday, horsing around, imagine the old Superman stripping the clothes he was wearing and apparently throwing them into hyperspace so he can rush out to defend “truth, justice, and the American way.”

I would be feeling a little giddy at having achieved a goal this major, which would not have been possible without companies and people sending me what they want reviewed, were it not for the fact that I got out of the hospital two days ago and have a pile of work stacked up.